English Poem : Song Prayer To My Parents

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Song Prayer To My Parents
by : Alfizza

Is there a
night without a day
and day without a night?
Is there a day without the sun
While the night without a moon and stars?
can I be  there without you?
Can I live without you?
And you know, the answer is no
Maybe you never know how I feel
Because I have not been able to show you
In the deepest of my heart there are you
Someone who tired and sweat for me
Never calculate what have you gave me
A drop of sweat you also never ignore
How can I pay for everything?
Can I return all of them? And you know, the answer is no
Look at the scratches on your face,
stunning fresh face who had been snatched away by the hardness of life
for me
Yeaah , just for me
Your ugly child ..

Allah, please listen my pray ,
Lengthen my mom age, also my father
let they see the future which they expect...
Fair future
Make they greatful for you, which have given them a child like myself
Hopefully both of them always in Your protection
This is my song prayer to God
Allah always bless you my beloved Mom
Allah always bless you too my dearest Father ...

With Love,

your child
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