Two Eyes of Protest Ritual: Synergy and Opposition

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Who does not remember the figure of president Soeharto, the second president of the Republic of Indonesia? Pak Harto (as his familiar called) served as president of Indonesia within 32 years period. Leadership for over three decades it will be full of oppression, duping people, unfair, anarchists, and serves as a tyrant by means of authoritarian model of leadership. Indonesia during the Soeharto’s regime was apparently under control, development was everywhere, people get subsidized. However, if examined deeper, beneath it all there was corrupt practiced by government officials and Suharto dynasty that could not penetrate the public sphere. The President is known by the nickname "the smiling general" it does have a distinctive smile. A smile could mean happy, cynical or it could mean death. A smile that makes subordinates subject to his command despite a command without a word.

Soeharto's regime got a lot of controversy in the community everywhere. At first, the students began to flare and demonstrations occurred in almost every region in Indonesia. Students feel that an educated person has the responsibility to defend of the people rights. Students as agents of change be representative of the people without (obsession) of public office. They are a group of young people who have fresh ideas, pioneer ideology of liberation, a pioneer of democracy, did not be fooled by the government, injustice and tyranny. Therefore, there appeared various students movement in Indonesia to immediately lower the Indonesian president Soeharto, known by reformation.

This article I wrote to review my lecture article research, Mr. Nugroho Trisnu Brata for meet the task of The Structure of Javanese People Course in the fourth semester. The original title is "RITUAL PROTES GAYA JAWA-YOGYA: SEBUAH ANALISIS ANTROPOLOGI-STRUKTURAL"